Are your programs full time?
Yes, our Cosmetology and Manicuring Programs are full-time. The Cosmetology Program is 1600 hours, which is the equivalent to 11 months. The Manicuring Program is 400 hours, which is the equivalent to 11 weeks.
How many hours per week would I attend school?
All students attend 35 hours per week. We are open from 8:30-4:00, Tuesday through Saturday. Time spent in a classroom setting is approximately 5 hours per week.
Do you provide a mock state board?
Yes, we do. It is a week long, intensive course that will better prepare students for the state test.
When do classes start?
We have classes starting approximately every six to eight weeks.

2017 Class Start Schedule
  • JANUARY 24
  • MARCH 21
  • MAY 2
  • JUNE 27
  • AUGUST 8
What is your student to teacher ratio?
Currently, we have one teacher to every fifteen students. Lawrence & Company is dedicated to providing more individualized attention to the students in order to create a positive learning environment. That is just one of the many benefits of attending a small school.
Must I attend an Orientation class?
Yes, orientation is a mandatory class. Our orientation program, held on Thursday prior to the first day of class, is designed to facilitate transition to the Lawrence & Company College of Cosmetology and to familiarize new students with the organization and operation of the institution. During the orientation, students are versed on the mission and the tradition of the School, rules and regulations, study techniques, and academic standards.
Do I need to pay anything when I enroll?
Yes, you must pay the non-refundable Registration fee.
How much do your courses cost?
Cosmetology Cost
Tuition $13,600.00
Registration Fee 100.00
Kit/Books 1,550.00
Tax 112.38
Manicuring Cost
Tuition $1,600.00
Registration Fee 100.00
Kit/Books 965.00
Tax 69.96